Blog # 2 – Contextualization

Here is a list of some artists that I feel are doing work in the area that i’m interested in:

Julian Bleecker

1) Flavenoid (flavonoid)

Flavenoid is super cool because of how in depth its way of logging information is based on human activity. The            thing I’m interested most in is the fact that they will be adding Bluetooth activity in the future. Could be relatable to my pet sensor.

2) Slow Messenger (

I like the idea of the slower interaction through messaging that Slow Messenger provides based on how long it has stayed on a human body. This makes the user “work” a little more to get their messages, and provides more meaning to the text after the user has put in the time to get the message. It’s an interesting concept involving warping time when it comes to talking between two computers.

Nicolas Nova

3) Gaming Cubes (

This relates to my area of interest based on the fact that these cubes are in direct wireless conversation with the computer while the game is happening. This is an amusing option, since this is all new to me I’m glad that I can find many different types of these projects.

Rob Faludi, Kate Hartman, Kati London

4) Botanicalls (

Botanicalls is right up my alley! This relates to something I would like to create this semester. The plants blog about when they need water! Just like My “oven” sensor idea.

5) Urban Sonar (

Perfect example of Arduino and sensor information being wirelessly logged to create visualizations. Well documented and explained.

Kati London

6) You Are Not Here (

Amusing use of sensor data that allows you to walk your own city streets, while seeing what it would look like in Baghdad and other places. Not exactly what I’m interested in after looking further, but well worth the post.

Gareth Jones

7) Tweetjects and Bluetooth (

This project is composed of a Bluetooth detector that posts when it comes into contact with other similar devices. Interesting way to keep tabs on some people?

Andy Stanford-Clark

8) Red Jet Ferries (

I personally love this the most. A far more efficient way of receiving information on departure/arrival times automatically!

wxbrighton (bot)

9) Weather Bot (

A standard weather bot that tweets the temperature itself. Really excited to work in this area, so many possibilities for bots.

Tower Bridge (bot)

10) State of Bridge (

Yet another example of how a simple bot can prevent us from wasting our time waiting. This bot tweets when it’s okay to use a bridge.